Welcome to the best adventure of your life!

Discover how I can help you recover and boost your self-confidence through coaching.

Dreams From My Soul is a project that truly comes from my soul and in which I give my clients a safe and non-judgmental space to reconnect with the self-confident, powerful and fearless woman within.

Hi, my name is Zineb!

I´m from Morocco, I currently live in Barcelona and I consider myself a citizen of the world. I help women like you and like me, to get their confidence back and increase it so that they can reach any goal they would like to go for. I´m a pharmacist and some years ago, after realizing that nor the money nor the social status that my corporate job was giving me made me happy, I resigned from it and went on a 3 months adventure through Bali, Malaysia and The Philippines.

This adventure allowed me to reconnect with my confidence, my dreams, my passions, my creativity and myself as a whole.


When I got back to Barcelona, I continued with my training as a coach by completing several self-growth trainings with the Co-Active coaching training at the prestigious Coaches Training Institute. Now, I help women recover, build and boost their self-confidence.

If lately you have been feeling that…

-Fear and anxiety are stopping you from reaching what you’d like to

-No matter what you do, it seems like it will never be enough

-Procrastination is part of your daily life and you feel  unable to reach your goals

-You avoid taking challenges because you feel that you don´t have the required tools to face them

-Your life is passing by, you don´t feel connected to yourself anymore and you can´t see your future with clarity

-You are trapped in a routine that you don´t like, you know that you would like to do something about it but you don´t know how or where to get started…

Then it´s time for a change!

Here is how I can help you:

Self-Confidence Mastery

Self-Confidence Mastery is a coaching program specially designed to help women like you recover, build and boost their self-confidence. For 4 months, I will be your self-confidence coach. I will go along with you in this path towards the most confident version of yourself. You will get a total of 10 coaching hours, structured in sessions that we will do every 2 weeks. Between the sessions, I will be your accountability partner, I will follow-up your progress and I will push you to give the steps you have to give whenever I feel that you need it. My goal is that after this 4 months process, you are able to fly on your own wings and that you see yourself able to face any new challenge without needing me by your side anymore. The coaching sessions will be done through the phone so you can do them from the comfort of your home or your office. My clients are from all over the world and I coach in English, French and Spanish.

Confidence Luxury Retreats

In these retreats exclusively organized for women, my clients gift themselves some days to go out of their daily routine and to live an adventure in which they have the opportunity not only to work on their self-confidence but also to connect with other like-minded international women. The mornings are usually dedicated to workshops and activities designed for you to reconnect with the self-confident and fearless woman that I know is already within you, while the afternoons are dedicated to cultural and leisure activities. All of this in an exotic destination in a beautiful luxury house where a staff is available to take care of all our needs and to cook our healthy daily meals. My clients not only live a beautiful and memorable experience but also leave the retreat empowered, with more clarity about what they want to do next, with an action plan and more ready than never to be the leaders of their own life.

What should you expect?

Self-Confidence Mastery

  • You´ll see yourself able to face any challenge with confidence.
  • You´ll believe in yourself and in your capabilities.
  • You´ll feel empowered.
  • You´ll become the leader of your life.
  • You´ll have more clarity about what you really want to do

Confidence Luxury retreats

  • You´ll have the perfect opportunity to disconnect from your routine and reconnect with yourself.
  • You will not only work on yourself and take the time to take care of yourself but you will also do it while discovering a new culture.
  • You´ll reconnect with your dreams and your authentic self.
  • You´ll leave the retreat empowered and with an action plan that you will be able to implement after the retreat

You´re always one decision away from a completely different life

What are my clients saying about me…

“I reached out to Zineb because I felt stressed and overwhelmed. After the Self-Confidence Mastery, I feel way more confident and I can finally say that I believe in myself and in my abilities. Thanks Zineb for connecting me to my inner power!”
“The Self-Confidence Mastery with Zineb helped me identify and get rid of some limiting beliefs I didn´t even know I had. Thanks Zineb for helping me recover my confidence. I loved working with you because I felt secure and never judged.”
“Thanks Zineb for your coaching sessions. They have helped to re-discover and reconnect with my inner passions, my inner values and focus really on what I want for life”

“Zineb, you helped me more than I can put into words. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


“Zineb is really passionate about what she does. The Self-Confidence Mastery helped me believe in myself and in my abilities to accomplish anything I put my mind to. I´m glad I decided to enroll in this process!”

I have no doubt that you can become the self´confident woman you always wanted to be!

Let´s start working on it NOW!