“You’ re too quiet…”, “You’ re too shy…”, “Why don’ t  you talk?”…This is how the whole story started!

Hey gorgeous!

My name is Zineb, I’m from Morocco, I currently live in Barcelona and I consider myself a citizen of the world.

Since I was a kid, I always thought that there was something wrong with me… All I was told all the time was: “Why are you so quiet?”, “Why don’t you talk?”, “You should talk more!”…

In every parent-teacher meeting, all of my school teachers would say the exact same about me to my parents: “Your daughter is basically “invisible”…” Yes, they literally used the word “invisible” to describe me!

And this led me to spend many years of my life thinking that there was something wrong with me… That I was probably not enough… That no matter what I would do, it would never be enough… I truly felt different from all the other kids…

And I spent years and years trying to fit in… Trying to be like others… Trying to be accepted… But still, deep down, feeling like shit…

Years later, as the pharmacist I became, I found myself working in a the corporate environment. And there, in this environment, I lived what I would describe as the climax of my story of being rejected for who I am…

I was very often told: ”You should talk more during meetings”, “You should open up more about your personal life”, and I often heard people saying things like: “This girl doesn’t bring any value” etc etc

But all of this was nothing compared to the nightmare I lived in this same environment… Because of someone… A former colleague… A MF… This MF abused me emotionally during years and destroyed me psychologically…

I think he saw potential in me and maybe some kind of concurrence, an decided to shut me off… He confused my quietness with weakness… “Shut up”, “We don’t need your opinion”, “You have no f***ing idea” were things I heard day in and day out…

But at that time I didn’t realise that I was being a victim of emotional abuse… He was a manipulator and knew very well what he was doing…

Instead of speaking up for myself, I started shrinking…And there I was again, not being the real “me”, the “me” that would speak up and defend herself…

Until I reached a point where my work environment became truly toxic to me. I just needed to leave!!!

And that’s when I said: “F*** that shit!”, fired my boss and took a one way ticket to Bali.

And this when my whole journey of being me, unapologetically began.

I spent 3 months traveling through Bali, Malasia and The Philippines.



While traveling, I learned to know MYself, to love MYself and to believe in MYself.

I finally discovered that there was absolutely nothing wrong with me, I simply was an introvert… A personality type!!

But despite traveling and working on myself, despite reconstructing myself, I’m not ashamed to say that until now, I still have SO much rage inside of me, because of this MF… And after thinking, I got to the conclusion that I basically had 2 options to deal with it:

Option 1: Take justice into my own hand.

Option 2: Use this rage as power and energy to empower other Introvert Women so that they never ever get to live what I lived..

And this is why I got trained to become a coach. And this is how my business Dreams from my Soul was born… And this is why I do what I do. I can say that today, my business is way more that a business to me… It’s part of my healing process… 
Dreams from my Soul is now an online platform which mission is to empower Introvert Women, like me and like YOU to be themselves, unapologetically.

In this platform, you will find plenty of tips, tricks, tools and materials,  specifically designed for Introvert Women, by an Introvert Woman, for you to know YOUrself, love YOUrself and believe in YOUrself.

My goal is to create a movement of Introvert Women owning who they are and being true to themselves without feeling bad about it!

I truly believe that as introvert women, we have so much to bring to the world, as long as we are true to ourselves!

So I invite you to subscribe to my newsletter and to join the movement!!

Your virtual friend, Zineb

Be Bold, Be Badass, Be YOU ?